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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Printer Rental

printer rental

To rent or not to?

In a business environment, wherein the demand for printing is high and the productivity should be fast and efficient, the need for multifunction peripherals is a must. Capable of printing, faxing, copying, scanning and web-enabled features for easy file-sharing and smooth document workflow, these multifunction printers or copiers are sure to be of big help in any working environment from small-businesses to large corporations. Although, the downside is, with its several functions and enhanced features that couldn’t be found in average laser printers or inkjet printers, their costs may be too much for starting businesses.Fortunately, third-party companies like ABD Office Solutions, offer printer rentals that cost much lower than buying new multifunction printers or copiers. What is printer rental in the first place? Printer rental offers businesses especially small and starting businesses to acquire multifunction printers through renting it for a specific span of time. Through this service, businesses can rent a fully featured multifunction printer for a day or for 6 months or longer (short-term printer rental or long-term printer rental).

Printer rentals are very useful for businesses holding conventions, conferences, meetings, or out of state expos. They can be considered as a very wise choice to save a large amount of money that can be used for more important investments. Another advantage of printer rentals is it lets small businesses the chance to obtain and have the benefits of having a multifunction printer/copier at their office for their document workflow.  It also perfectly suite businesses who doesn’t daily need the functions offered by these multifunction printers.

But if you happen to own a large company and it almost seems to be a necessity to have your own multifunction printer at your working environment, then you might consider buying refurbished multifunction printers instead. These may cost a bit higher than printer rentals but cost lower than buying a brand new multi-function printer. Refurbished printers are refreshed old units that are perfectly cleaned, inspected and repaired for any problems so they can work perfectly like brand new printing equipments.

Renting printers in busy working environments which there is a constant need for printing, scanning and faxing, isn’t recommended though. For one thing, its short-term rental as per its month-to-month basis can cost you more in the long run compare to buying a new multifunction peripheral.

Renting a printer or not really matters on the type of business you have and the general amount of document workflow in your office will determine whether your suited to rent a printer or to buy one instead.

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