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Epson SureColor T-Series T3270, T5270, T7270 Wide-Format Printers

In 2014, Epson launched a lineup of large-format T-series color printers from LexJet, and five of these models represent three different widths – 24 in. (T3270), 36 in. (T5270) and 44 in. (T7270). With the dual roll edition available as either 36″ or 44″. All these printers are developed to cater for technical drawings, graphic posters and retail signage.

Epson’s T-Series printers are fairly easy to use, basically once assembled it’s a plug-and-play machine, with simple printing operation. The only hard part in terms of setting it up is when you need to load the roll paper. It could have been easier, but here’s how anyone must do it. Start by raising the scanner, open the cover and unlock/remove the roll adapters. Place those roll adapters into the new media (roll paper) and lock it back into the machine. Once the printer recognizes the media or paper type that was loaded, just follow the instructions on the printer’s display panel. If in any case the paper type was not properly detected, you can manually set everything through the panel to kind of set up custom paper settings.

epson tseries T3270, T5270, T7270


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 April 29th, 2021  
 Epson, Expert Review  
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