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Fuji Xerox Releases New A4 Color Range Laser Printers

DocuPrint CM405 df / DocuPrint CM405 d

Xerox DocuPrint CM405 df / DocuPrint CP405 d

On October 24, Fuji Xerox introduced two of their new A4 color laser printers in the market, the single unit desktop laser printer DocuPrint CP405 d and the multifunction printer DocuPrint CM405 df. Enhanced with Fuji Xerox technology, the DocuPrint CP405 d and DocuPrint CM405 df offer users fast and efficient color printing at a low cost per page, which make them perfect printing solutions for busy work groups under medium to large organizations.

Both laser printers deliver 35 pages per minute, while if in duplex mode, can print up to 23 pages per minute. The DocuPrint CP405 d and DocuPrint CM405 df are also noted for their wide range of security features and technology including IPV6, IPsec, Secure HTTPs (SSL) and SNMPv3 to keep important or confidential data files safe and secured. They also feature long-life drums and high-yield toner cartridges to avoid printing interruptions and provide users consistent productivity. The DocuPrint CP405 d and DocuPrint CM405 df also have a Toner-Saving mode, which enables their users to set up their printer to use minimal amount of toner whenever they print to extend the life of the printer’s toner cartridges and save more money. (more…)

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 November 6th, 2012  
 Industry News  
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