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Canon USA Announced the Launch of Canon Solutions America

Canon Canon USA announced on December 4 the launch of the Canon Solutions America as a wholly owned subsidiary of Canon USA which will be effective starting January 1, 2013. The Canon Solutions America was the result of integrating the business operations of Canon Solutions Inc.,  Océ North America, Inc., and Océ Imagistics, Inc., which was first announced in the year 2010. According to Canon’s official press release, “Canon Solutions America will be the one to provde the sales and support for Canon and Océ hardware, software and services targeting general office, production print and large format markets in the United States.

“I am very pleased that the integration of the Canon and Océ businesses is nearly complete,” said Mr. Adachi, president and CEO of Canon U.S.A, who will also serve as the chairman and CEO of Canon Solutions America. “We have worked very hard these past three years to make sure our goal of creating the overall leading presence in the imaging industry will be realized. Canon Solutions America and the other companies formed by the integration will be better positioned to meet the growing demands of customers locally, regionally and nationally by capitalizing on the strengths of each company and maintaining the superior service levels that customers require.” (more…)

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 December 7th, 2012  
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