ABD Office Solutions


Why Choose ABD Office Solutions for Your Office Supply Needs?

ABD Office Solutions

Why Choose ABD Office Solutions for Your Office Supply?

Printers, multifunction peripherals, office machines and copiers, these are all devices you would often find in working environments, designed specifically to perform tasks such as producing copies and printing tangible documents from computers. And for business owners, finding the right office machine can be quite a hard task wherein time and money is involved, that’s why ABD Office Solutions is here to make your office supply shopping easier and hassle-free. (more…)

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What is PagePack Print Management Services?

Xerox PagePack Services

Xerox PagePack Print Management Services

PagePack Print Management Services is a service program for Xerox printers which provides owners and business managements a solution for cost-effective printing. It’s basically a cost-per-page program which includes all the printer’s consumables from its printer cartridges to its drum units, break-fix service and hardware. With the PagePack Service, you have a predictable cost regarding your printer’s expenses thus avoiding any expensive supplies costs or unplanned service expenditures.

So why choose Xerox PagePack Print Management Services? According Xerox, the PagePack Service gives you:

  • A straightforward plan for supplies and service
  • Regular payments
  • Predictable costs
  • Page counts are automatically read
  • Regular invoices allow accurate budgeting
  • Order supplies as you need them
  • Visibility to true cost of printing
  • Rates not affected by print coverage area
  • Simple payments for lower up-front costs


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