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Sharp to Use RFID Readers for its Touchless Secure Print Solutions

According to CDC, viruses can stay and live on surfaces for hours, even days. With offices where workforce resume normally, solutions to mitigate the spread of virus which may then affect workforce are in demand. Office machines to which many interact such as vending machines and photo copiers can be a breading ground for viruses which may spread infections. To mitigate this, Sharp, on top of its many printing solutions, have integrated contactless printing through RFID readers.

What is an RFID

RFID is an identification technology, that uses radio frequency waves to transfer information between a reader and a tag. The most common use across businesses is for access control, covering protection of staff and buildings, valuable assets or confidential information. RFID cards are often uploaded with certain personal details to allow businesses to tackle issues around authorization and security.


Contactless RFID Reader

Sharp MFP copiers and printers, especially the recent models provide wireless printing in many ways. But this feature, with the contactless RFID reader, it enables users to release their print jobs without the need to make contact with the printer’s control panel or touchpad to enter password or PIN. One can simply use their RFID card as authentication to let the printer do the user’s print job request.

The RFID reader will be produced by ELATEC Inc., a company that specializes in advanced, contactless user authentication and access control solutions. According to Paul Massey, CEO of ELATEC Inc., “The feature provides Sharp customers with an additional element of security as passwords and PINs are often shared or could be hacked, leading to potential data security breaches.”

Indeed the use of RFID for such purpose creates a more hygienic office environment, also it essentially provides convenience for users to skip the part to which they need to enter PIN or password every time they need to use the printer. Cristina LeBlanc, Manager, Tech Wizards of Sharp Electronics, said, “Our touchless multifunction printer solutions are another example of the simply smarter experiences for our customers that are the hallmarks of Sharp business products.”

Once the pandemic subsides, the number of employees is expected to increase, hence resulting to more productivity in the office. Hence, personal safety should be implemented in any working environment until we can totally eradicate the COVID-19 virus. However, introducing any technology comes with unpredictable risk, or should we say, the tech people did not see coming. Still, I’m sure many would consider to have their hands with this technology/feature as well.

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Sharp to Use RFID Readers for its Touchless Secure Print Solutions, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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 December 17th, 2020  
 Industry News, Sharp  
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