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Resetting HP Color LaserJet 2550N When Installing Non-OEM HP Supply

HP Color LaserJet 2550N

HP Color LaserJet 2550N

Own an HP Color LaserJet 2550N and have tried to install non-OEM HP supply? There would be a big possibility that the printer didn’t recognize it and it kept notifying you that it is still low on toner or that it doesn’t recognize the cartridge installed. This doesn’t mean though that the alternative printer consumables you used are defective, it just happens that your machine is boot to recognize genuine HP supplies only but you can fix this by resetting the printer.

First of all, the HP Color LaserJet 2550N uses replacement printer cartridges, HP 2550 toner cartridges: HP Q3960A black toner, Q3961A cyan toner, Q3962A yellow toner and Q3963A magenta toner. Once you have installed alternative replacement consumables, the light next to the print cartridge or imaging drum that was replaced, blinks and the Attention light is on. Press the Cancel Job when first installing the non-OEM HP supply to reset the printer. By pressing the Cancel Job the end user will assume responsibility for using a non-HP printer consumable. The status light does not indicate when this type of supply is low or empty.

If this doesn’t work, then perform a cold reset. These instructions are from HP Support Center and are performed for maintenance purposes in HP Color LaserJet 2550N. Performing a cold reset will set most, but not all, default variables stored in the printer’s NVRAM back to its factory default values. It does not reset the page count, paper tray sizes, and localization language or formatter number.

How to Perform a Cold Reset in HP Color LaserJet 2550N

  • Step 1 – Turn the printer off.reset
  • Step 2 – Press and hold (Go).
  • Step 3 – Turn the printer on and continue to hold (Go) for at least 10 seconds, but for fewer than 20 seconds.
  • Step 4 – The Attention light turns on during a cold reset. Then release Go.
  • Step 5 – If either the Go or Ready light turned off or no lights turned off before releasing (Go), then repeat steps 1 through 5.
  • Step 6 – The printer lights begin cycling from front to back. The cold-reset process runs until the printer is in the Ready state.

After this is done, you can now check your printer if it is properly recognizing the alternative printer consumables you installed. Just make sure when buying alternative HP 2550 toner cartridges, get them from reliable printer supplies store.

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