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Replacing Card Memory in HP Color LaserJet CM2320 Multifunction Series Printer

installation-iconIn a busy working environment, it is necessary to have a multifunction printer with a high memory capacity to ensure that the document workflow will go smoothly. The HP Color LaserJet CM2320 Multifunction Series printers are workhorse printing machines that deliver fast printing speed, high-quality printouts for professional documents and uses high-yield capacity toners, HP 304A toner cartridges that can produce 3,500 pages for the black toner and 2,800 pages for the color toners at 5% coverage page yield. The printers under this series usually comes with 160 MB of RAM and also has one DIMM slot that can be used to add a 64 MB or 128 MB DIMM. And if you are not satisfied with its built-in memory, you can always install a DIMM for the product to complete more print jobs.

Below are the proper procedures on how you can install a DIMM in your printer, remember that handling a DIMM without wearing a grounded, antistatic device might damage the DIMM so touch any metal part of the product or other grounded metal before touching the DIMM.

  • Step 1 – Use the power switch to turn off the product, and then unplug all of the cablesdownload (1) and cords connected to the product.
  • Step 2 – Open the DIMM door.
  • Step 3 – Remove the DIMM from the antistatic bag it came in, grasping the DIMM on the top edge.
  • Step 4 – With the gold contacts facing upward, insert the DIMM in the DIMM seat and press the DIMM body in until the metal retaining pins click.
  • Step 5 – Close the DIMM door.
  • Step 6 – Reconnect all cables and cords, and then use the power switch to turn on the product.
  • Step 7 – Print a configuration page, and then verify that the Memory section shows the new memory amount.

If the DIMM doesn’t work and might seem defective, HP CSR Return Procedure specifies that you can return all HP products within 5 calendar days of receipt. Check for return label in the “poly pouch” attached to the outer box. And if there is no return label came with the part or if you lost the return label, request one here or by calling 1-800-717-5587.

  • Use box new replacement part came in.
  • Package part carefully, using the packaging material that the new part came with.
  • Seal box with packaging tape.
  • Apply return label that came with new part to box (covering up the original shipping label).
  • Give part to UPS. You can drop off at UPS pickup center, give to driver as part of regular UPS pickup or call UPS to arrange for a pickup.
  • Keep the waybill number and RMA number for tracking purposes in the event you need to dispute a charge for not returning the part.

Credits: HP Solutions Center & CSR Return Procedure

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