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Inkjet Multifunction Printer Vs Laser Multifunction Printer

inkjet mfp, laser mfp

Which one should you choose inkjet MFPs or laser MFPs?

On our last article, we discussed the significant factors one should include and regard when buying a multifunction printer for his/her office or home. We mentioned about the difference of inkjet multifunction printer compare to laser multifunction printer regarding their price but not about the features and output of both multifunction peripherals. That’s why to elaborate this, for today’s article, we’re going to tackle about the factors that make inkjet MFPs different from laser MFPs, and which multifunction printer should you buy if ever your torn to which one suites your need.

  • Inkjet Multifunction Printer
Inkjet multifunction printers or MFPs offer the same standard functions (print, copy, scan)/optional functions (fax and email) depending on its model. Inkjet MFPs apparently cost lower than laser MFPs and most of them are smaller too which can easily fit on your office desks. Another great thing about inkjet MFP is that they offer users with a lower demand in document workflows, an affordable on-going cost since the printer consumable used by inkjet MFPs are inkjet cartridges. The only conflict one may encounter though is that the inkjet cartridges have a lower page yield to which working environment that prints high volume of documents may not like and can cause a lot of interruptions.
Another good thing with inkjet MFPs are they are handy when it comes to printing files with images and graphics, since they uses ink as their printing medium, it gives their printouts a livelier touch and clear color. Canon MFPs and HP MFPs possessed such features and are very popular in the market.
  • Laser Multifunction Printer
Laser multifunction printer, on the other hand, may cost a lot even in its on-going costs because laser toner cartridges are expensive. The good side to this though is that they have a higher printing page capacity compare to ink cartridges. Most laser toner cartridges which have a standard page yield can print up to 2,000 pages. Another advantage laser MFPs have over inkjet MFPs are their printing speeds. You can hardly see an inkjet MFP much faster than a laser MFP.
Laser MFPs are very helpful to large and busy work group and organizations since they have astounding monthly volume cycle ranging to 100,000 pages up to 150,000 pages. Some laser MFPs offer a much higher monthly cycle than this, depending on its model. Xerox multifunction copiers and printers for example, have a higher monthly duty cycle, which also possessed advanced features, connectivity support  and security setups to help keep confidential documents and transactions safe. Canon and HP also offer multifunction printers and copiers.
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