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An Overview of the Xerox ColorQube 9301/P Multifunction Copier

Xerox ColorQube 9301/P Multifunction Copier

Xerox ColorQube 9301/P Solid Ink Color Multifunction Copier

The Xerox ColorQube 9301/P Multifunction Copier is a workhorse printing machine that offers its users astounding color-quality printouts that increase your business impact and yet have a lower cost per page for big savings. Xerox ColorQube 9301/P Multifunction Copier is one of the multifunction device under the Xerox ColorQube 9300 series that is describe by Xerox itself as multifunction peripherals which “enables your business to work more effectively, delivering exceptional color printing with amazing cost savings.”

The Xerox ColorQube 9301/P Multifunction Copier includes basic specifications such as:

  • Standard functions: Copy, Email, Print, Scan
  • Output Speed – Printing and Copying:
    • Color
      • High Resolution/Photo Mode: 31 ppm
      • Enhanced Mode (Default): 38 ppm
      • Standard Mode: 50 ppm
      • Fast Color Mode: 60 ppm
    • Black
      • High Resolution/Photo Mode: 32 ppm
      • High Speed Mode: 50 ppm
      • Standard Mode: 70 ppm
      • Fast Color Mode: 85 ppm
  • Print Resolution: 600×600 dpi
  • Connectivity: 10/100/1000Base-T Ethernet/ High-Speed USB 2.0/ Wireless Ethernet 802.11b (via third-party adaptors)
  • Compatibility: Windows (including Vista) and Mac compatible
  • Monthly Duty Cycle: Up to 150,000 images/pages
  • Document Feeder:100-sheet duplex automatic document feeder
  • Dimensions (WxDxH): 55 x 28.4 x 45.5 in. (1,398 x 722 x 1,156 mm)

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Canon USA Announced the Launch of Canon Solutions America

Canon Canon USA announced on December 4 the launch of the Canon Solutions America as a wholly owned subsidiary of Canon USA which will be effective starting January 1, 2013. The Canon Solutions America was the result of integrating the business operations of Canon Solutions Inc.,  Océ North America, Inc., and Océ Imagistics, Inc., which was first announced in the year 2010. According to Canon’s official press release, “Canon Solutions America will be the one to provde the sales and support for Canon and Océ hardware, software and services targeting general office, production print and large format markets in the United States.

“I am very pleased that the integration of the Canon and Océ businesses is nearly complete,” said Mr. Adachi, president and CEO of Canon U.S.A, who will also serve as the chairman and CEO of Canon Solutions America. “We have worked very hard these past three years to make sure our goal of creating the overall leading presence in the imaging industry will be realized. Canon Solutions America and the other companies formed by the integration will be better positioned to meet the growing demands of customers locally, regionally and nationally by capitalizing on the strengths of each company and maintaining the superior service levels that customers require.”

Oce logoCanon USA also said that the Océ Business Services, Inc. will change its name  to Canon Business Process Services, Inc. on the first day of January next year, and will be headed by the current president and CEO of Océ Business Services, Joe Marcino. While the Océ Financial Services, Inc. would be merged into Canon Financial Services, Inc. to improve Canon’s support in the leasing and financing needs of their customers. The Canon Business Process Services, Inc. will be handled by the senior president and chief financial officer of Canon U.S.A., Kris Tedo.

As of January 1, 2013, Océ Canada will also become a subsidiary of Canon Canada the same as Océ Mexico for Canon Mexicana and Océ Brazil for Canon do Brasil. With such expansion  in this business integration, Canon is aiming to boost the first quarterly sales the next year in their printing and imaging business.

However, if you’re looking for Canon copiers and fax, ABD Office Solutions offers affordable but quality refurbished Canon copiers including Canon LaserClass 710 Facsimile System Refurbished PrinterCanon Imagerunner IR 2230 Refurbished CopierCanon Imagerunner IR 2200 Refurbished CopierCanon Imagerunner IR 2830 Refurbished CopierCanon Color Imagerunner IRC 3220 Refurbished Copier and Canon Imagerunner IR 3530 Refurbished Copier for sell, lease and rent. For more information you visit ABDOfficeSolutions.com or call at 1-877-303-6123.

Sources: Canon Newsroom | Images courtesy by Google Images

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 December 7th, 2012  
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Okidata Americas Resell Lantronix xPrintServer


Photo courtesy by iLounge.

Okidata Americas announced on November 19 to sign an agreement with Lantronix to resell their best-selling printing mobile solution, the xPrintServer iOS printer server device, that allows users to print directly from their Apple devices without the need of any mobile printing application.

“By offering the xPrintServer with our single- and multi-function printers, OKI Data is able to provide mobile printing solutions to help optimize performance within specific workgroup environments quickly, easily, and cost-effectively,” said Keith Fenton, Product Planning Manager for MFP Software and Solutions at OKI Data Americas.

The xPrintServer simply works by enabling wireless printing for iOS devices such as iPads and iPhones using their printer. It eliminates the hassles of installing mobile printing applications, software or sending print jobs  to your printer’s e-mail. The best thing is the xPrintServer works with more than 4,000 branded printers. Plus, it supports multiple printers and virtually unlimited iOS devices.

It also offers the following features and functions:

    • Advanced configurations via web interface
    • Printer User Management / Advanced User Configuration
    • Remote Authentication / Active Directory
    • Configuration Save / Restore
    • Proxy Server Support

The agreement between Okidata and Lantronix was said to strengthen their partnership that was formed last June 2012. According to Okidata official press release, it will offer the xPrintServer along with an array of compatible Okidata laser printers and multifunction printers for their customers, resellers and distributors of their machines and Okidata printer supplies.

“This agreement bolsters OKI Data’s position as a valued printing solutions provider to our enterprise customers,” said Fenton.

“Our reseller partnership with OKI Data Americas boosts our brand awareness and expands our reach and distribution channels,” said Mark D. Tullio, Vice President of worldwide marketing for Lantronix. “By having OKI Data as a partner, we can better understand how large workgroups are using the device. In turn, this feedback provides us with useful information so that we can improve the features and functionality of the products as well as the user experience within the enterprise environment.”

Sources: Okidata Press Room | Lantronix xPrintServer

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ABD Office Solutions Offers Konica 7030 Refurbished Copier

Konica 7030 Refurbished Copier

Konica 7030 Refurbished Copier

ABD Office Solutions, Inc., has been in the Office Equipment Industry for over 30 years, specializing in the sales, service, supplies, leasing, and rentals of copiers, faxes, printers, and MFPs/multi-functionals.  We offer both brand new and remanufactured copiers, as well as original, compatible, and remanufactured toner cartridges, services and document solutions, putting up to its name of being your one-stop-shop office solutions specialist.

ABD Office has a large inventory of copiers, printers and multifunction color copiers, both new and refurbished, under popular brand names like Sharp, Xerox, Samsung, HP, Canon,  and as well as Konica refurbished copiers.

Konica Minolta is a Japanese-technology company based in Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan with more than 35 offices worldwide. They are known for manufacturing large printing machines, copiers and multifunction-peripherals. Including in its astounding portfolio of workhorse machines is the Konica 7030 Copier, a digital digital printer/copier that can be used as a stand-alone copier, or it can be used as a high-speed network printer when connected to the optional IP-011 Image Processor. It is also designed to be used as a print server on a network operating system.

ABD Office Solutions offers Konica 7030 refurbished Copier for only $699, saving you up to  $1,300 compare to its list price of $1,999. Our refurbished Konica 7030 copier is also available for rent or lease to give starting businesses with a tight budget the advantages of having their own copier near hand when needed.

The Konica 7030 Copier offers its users the following features:

  • feed originals only once to make multiple copies, thereby preserving the condition of originals
  • store image in memory and perform Sheet/Cover insertion, Chapter, Combination, Booklet, Image insert, Book copy, Overlay, Mixed original, Repeat, Image shift
  • enhance photo, complex text image quality, and enhance lighter image
  • reduce toner consumption and produce clean copies with Non-image area erase
  • organize images into booklet format
  • insert images scanned from the platen into a set scanned from the document feeder
  • overlay stamp images on scanned original
  • check copying conditions and produce a proof copy before making multiple copied sets
  • confirm the current machine status
  • select offset-sort, offset-group, or staple output mode using optional Finisher (FS-107).
  • set reserve jobs to make copies of different types in succession.

The Konica 7030 Copier is an ideal printing machine that copies and prints, sorts and groups your jobs fully automatically, enabling the possibility of bringing your business productivity and efficiency to heights.

So what are you waiting for? Call ABD Office Solutions now at 1-877-303-6123.

With ABD Office Solutions, you can be sure that our refurbished/refreshed units work perfectly well as new copiers and printers do. This is because ABD Office Solutions employed professional technicians that are certified to service what we sell.

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Fuji Xerox Releases New A4 Color Range Laser Printers

DocuPrint CM405 df / DocuPrint CM405 d

Xerox DocuPrint CM405 df / DocuPrint CP405 d

On October 24, Fuji Xerox introduced two of their new A4 color laser printers in the market, the single unit desktop laser printer DocuPrint CP405 d and the multifunction printer DocuPrint CM405 df. Enhanced with Fuji Xerox technology, the DocuPrint CP405 d and DocuPrint CM405 df offer users fast and efficient color printing at a low cost per page, which make them perfect printing solutions for busy work groups under medium to large organizations.

Both laser printers deliver 35 pages per minute, while if in duplex mode, can print up to 23 pages per minute. The DocuPrint CP405 d and DocuPrint CM405 df are also noted for their wide range of security features and technology including IPV6, IPsec, Secure HTTPs (SSL) and SNMPv3 to keep important or confidential data files safe and secured. They also feature long-life drums and high-yield toner cartridges to avoid printing interruptions and provide users consistent productivity. The DocuPrint CP405 d and DocuPrint CM405 df also have a Toner-Saving mode, which enables their users to set up their printer to use minimal amount of toner whenever they print to extend the life of the printer’s toner cartridges and save more money.

The Xerox DocuPrint CP405 d and DocuPrint CM405 df are both Energy-Star qualified and met the standards and requirements the program has set over the years. This include its eco-friendly features such as its auto-duplex mode, allowing users to save on paper and reduce environmental footprint, the printers’ automatic sleep mode and energy-saver mode.

“The DocuPrint CP405 d and the CM405 df are economical devices that offer reliable, superior quality color printing with a color cost per page of less than 10 cents; an ideal solution for busy workgroups seeking to produce vibrant customer-facing documents,” described David Borg, General Manager of Fuji Xerox Printers Australia. “The color segment continues to grow across both the single function and multifunction markets and this represents enormous opportunity for channel partners. But while businesses demand high performance devices they also want to keep their costs in check.”

Sources: Fuji Xerox Printers News

If you happen to be looking for Xerox printing machines and copiers to keep your business’ document workflow running smoothly and well-kept, ABD Office Solutions, is an Authorized Xerox Dealer and Reseller, which offers varied Xerox multifunction copiers and printers. We also offer refurbished printing equipment that works well as brand new but can be yours at a much lower price, saving you more money to use in time of need or in a much important investment.

Legal Disclaimer: All trademarks that appear on this site are the property of their respective owners, who may or may not be affiliated with, connected to, or sponsored by ABD Office Machines, Inc.

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 November 6th, 2012  
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