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5 Essential Tips Before You Buy A Copier

When buying a new copier, there are certain things we often consider first like price, color or mono, monthly capacity, the list goes on. But if you’re in a big industry, and there’s a lot to consider, the question is what must you look for in an office copier. It’s one hard decision, whether upgrading or simply getting a new one, it’s a big purchase we know, so we are here to help out.

Here are some of the top recommendations on 5 of the important things you need to check out before you make that purchase, aside from doing research. It’s note worthy to first look at which brands are in the top of the game, in mid-range and one with the most not so good feedbacks.

tip before buying a copier


First things first, let’s talk about your budget as this will identify the range of products you can avail from a plethora of options and models available. It helps narrow down the list to the most suitable to your spending limit, and help you decide quicker. One great tip, it is not essentially important to buy a brand new copier. Many pre-owned copiers in the market are in the best condition. Wanna check out a good source, head over to our website: www.ABDOfficeSolutions.com for the best options.


What do or your company actually needs in an office printer – answer these questions. Do you need single or multi-functional? Does touch-screen and futuristic buttons sound amazing? Can anyone simply use it with ease, print wirelessly, or through mobile. Maybe you want a unit that is very needy of someone to operate it before it does the job. It varies depending on ones preferences and needs. Copiers with minimal user intervention are very typical nowadays, so it’s all about the functions and usability now. If it can provide all the functionality you need for your office / company, consider that one.

Wireless / Wired

You’ll find newer copiers still with optional Wi-Fi or wireless LAN interface. Convenience is what we are discussing here, but particularly the with ability to print directly from user’s laptop or mobile to increase productivity. Albeit copying still requires someone to put the document into the flatbed before making a copy or scan, so this is in arguable feature. Tho you may avail a separate add-on device like parallel and universal serial bus interface to connect with your machine. If you are to benefit from using a wireless copier, regardless occasional or not, we suggest go for it.

Tech Support & Maintenance

Manufacturers, providers and sellers of machines particularly copiers will provide you with minimal training on how to operate the unit. Hence, it is very handy to have technical support available. It is particularly important to confirm how long they can provide support and maintenance upon purchase. Invest in service and support when buying a copier, you’ll thank yourself for doing so.

Supplies & Accessories

Optional equipment, peripherals, finishers and accessories, whatever one calls it must be one important factor. When thinking of buying a copier some features are optional like stapling, booklet making, hole punching and a lot more, these all will can be included as add-ons and of course for additional prices.

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 March 13th, 2021  
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